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Corporate social responsibility and environmentally green initiatives are two in one within the hospitality sector of the tourism industry. The Arizona Grand Resort & Spa is a prime example of how corporate social responsibility and green initiatives intertwine and complement each other. The Arizona Grand Resort & Spa is located in Phoenix Arizona and is an AAA Four-Diamond resort. Comprised of event space, Water Park, salon and spa, restaurants, golf course, and athletic club. Corporate social responsibility is the responsibility taken by a corporation and its actions in its community, society, and environment, both directly and indirectly. Environmentally green initiatives, or environmental friendliness, can be defined as responsible decisions, which reduce the negative impact of an organization. This paper will focus on the application of environmental and social responsibility within the hospitality sector, as well as a deeper look into sustainable practices with comparison to guest satisfaction.
According to Grosbois, a large number of companies claim to commit to corporate social responsibility goals, but a small number of those companies report actual performance or initiatives undertaken to become socially responsible. “The research in this area indicates that in fact many companies are responding to these demands and implementing different sustainability initiatives in their operations. It also points out to a number of positive trends: growing number of companies implementing CSR initiatives, greater range of initiatives and a growing number of frameworks and guidelines developed to support companies in their efforts to become more sustainable” (Grosbois, 2012, pp. 329-337). Stakeholders are portraying a growing aware...

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...awarded with brand name eco-labels such as the Green Globe Certification.
Conclusively, Arizona Grand Hotel & Resort appropriately and blatantly conveys their corporate social responsibility both physically and electronically, in alignment with the desire for social responsibility as explained by Grosbois. Social responsibility can be in the form of environmental sustainability. The resort is positively impacting its customers and their desire for philanthropic initiatives. Arizona Grand is capable of using its green initiatives as a competitive advantage as it explains and portrays in a detailed manner its corporate social responsibility goals as an organization, as well as how it is achieving those goals. Arizona Grand Hotel & Resort have extensively portrayed their desire to be responsible for their organization’s decisions and the environment’s sustainability.
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