Essay On Corporal Punishment

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There is a controversy between corporal punishment and child abuse. Many people are left with the question, where does it draw the line? When does corporal punishment become child abuse? Each parent has different parenting ways and different ways in instilling discipline in their household. Some parents believe that the use of corporal punishment is necessary to instill discipline and moral to their child or children while others believe that it is considered child abuse. Corporal punishment becomes child abuse when it becomes disruptive and excessive to the point where it causes physical and emotional injuries to a child. The definition of corporal punishment and abuse needs to be clearly defined to avoid the misconception and confusion.
Corporal punishment is the infliction of pain as a form of discipline or punishment. Historically and culturally, corporal punishment was acceptable and was a rationale that pain, injury and humiliation would frighten the offender to commit the same mistakes or misdemeanor. There are 19 states that still allow the use of corporal punishm...
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