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“When I worked on the first draft of the screenplay, I was conferring with Neil all the time and the screenplay was awful. It was too close to the book, it wasn’t a movie,” director and screenwriter Henry Selick said about the film adaptation of the 2002 children’s novel Coraline by Neil Gaiman. In 2009, the award-winning hit was scored for a film adaptation.

Typically, movies based off of books tend to bend the storyline in order to make the movie more eye-catching and appealing to viewers; however, as a result, movies don’t usually live up to the original book. “Coraline”, however, is not one of those movies.

Like every movie adaptation, the book and the film are not identical. While changes were definitely made to the book, for the most part, the film stays exceedingly faithful to the book and its original story; however, there are a few radical changes to the main themes that many readers agree tamper with the principles of the story.


As I mentioned earlier, many elements of the movie were kept nearly identical to the book, and characters are no exception. All of the existing characters in the book were preserved as well as their personalities and roles in the story. These characters consist of the following: Coraline, her parents, the Other parents, the cat, and Coraline’s neighbours (Miss Spink, Miss Forcible, and Mr. Bobo). Be that as it may, the characters Coraline and her parents still withstood some tweaking.

In the both the book and movie, Coraline is a young explorer who becomes easily bored as her parents are very unattentive and dismissive of her. However, in the movie, Coraline is depicted as more whiny, grumpy, and self-centered. Her parents also...

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...ral. In the book, Coraline sees very quickly that the Other world is not all it’s cracked up to be; but the Other mother makes it very difficult to escape, which has already resulted in the death of several other children (the ghost children). However, in the movie, children are portrayed as gullible and naive. For example Coraline and the ghost children were lured into the Other world with the delusion of a perfect world. In fact, the ghost children explain that that their demise was brought on by their own greed. This turns the main theme of the movie into more of a ‘lesson’ to be grateful for your what you have, even though they may not be ‘dream parents’. This modification may give the audience a more familiar theme, and even teach children valuable life lessons; but be that as it may, these changes arguably tamper with the integrity of the original story.

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