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Cook Out is a restaurant that has been recently opened in the Hampton Roads area. This new business venture has embraced the approach of southern cooking in carrying out their operations. The approach has enabled the restaurant prevail in the restaurant industry in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Even though the restaurant has the potential to deliver better services, there have been little efforts to train the employees to realize their full potential. These employees are vital to the success of Cook Out restaurant as they are in constant contact with new customers.
Our consultation company has been involved in developing and planning training programs for medium sized and small restaurants in the state of Virginia. These programs have enabled the company staff to make great strides in career development on planning training programs. This has enabled our company to increase our customer satisfaction. As consultants in developing training programs, our company has developed training objectives that meet Cook Out restaurant needs.
Key elements of training and development
The training program for Cook Out restaurant will require maximum use of resources for employees to achieve the set goals. A continuous training program is necessary for the restaurant employees as it will enable them to develop future goals by understanding the performance demands of the restaurant. The implementation of this training program will have various benefits for Cook Out restaurant as it helps create qualified personnel that will ensure the business growth. The training program will provide knowledge and skills to the restaurant employees in areas of quality customer service, personal career development and a...

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.... A quality review of the turnover rate of managers and employees, and job performance review by the business supervisors will access employee job satisfaction. Employee performance can also be evaluated through direct feedback from supervisors, managers and business owners. This can then be gauged by employee enthusiasm towards the established training program. Increased efficiency and employee proficiency gauge employee enthusiasm towards the training program(Kasperik&Herlevi, 2009).
In conclusion, a proactive and dynamic approach is needed for Cook Out restaurant’s success. This training program proposal evaluates the vision and objectives of the restaurant and the potential to attain a superior restaurant service. With recommended objectives and new vision, the training program proposal can enable Cook Out restaurant reach full market potential.

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