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In this constantly changing world there is a need for people to keep shaping and building it. Especially in the United States, with our mile high skyscrapers and super highways. Construction workers are a vital part of our society and are necessary to keep our society moving and growing. Construction workers are often employed by governmental agencies, private companies and unions. “There are more than 6 million construction workers in the USA (approximately 6% of the labor force) and construction workers experience some of the highest rates for fatal and non-fatal injuries resulting in lost work days.” (Sweeney, Becker, Bryant and Palassis, 1999) Construction workers are both men and women, for many the hours are long and tiring, especially in areas where construction is difficult to complete in the winter. “In 2008, about 18 percent of construction workers worked 45 hours or more a week.” (Choi, p.215) Working long hours and usually holidays and weekends can make it difficult for these workers to manage their time and stress in an efficient way, which could easily impact their jobs and impact the jobs of the co-workers around them. These work related injuries not only impact the individual and those that they work with, but they also impact the industry as a whole.
Throughout this paper we will evaluate worksite promotion programs that work towards creating a safer work environment and to finding the cause for these work related injuries, including lack of safety equipment or knowledge on how to use safety equipment properly. Stress management will be considered and how that impacts the worksite. And lastly the use of proper work equipment that can bring down the incidence of work related injury.
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...ed with construction companies may be in fear of losing their jobs when they report a work related injury. “A large body of evidence indicates that illnesses, traumatic injuries, and fatalities are more prevalent among workers in the construction industry than any other occupational groups in the USA or other industrialized nations.” (Moore, Cigularov, Sampson, Rosecrance, & Chen, p. 97) This means that when injuries go unreported it puts employees at greater risk, “under-reporting of injuries and illnesses can compromise the accuracy of surveillance data, thus hindering the proper and timely identification of areas for organizational or industry interventions.” (Moore, Cigularov, Sampson, Rosecrance, & Chen, p. 98) Based on a report investigating barriers of reporting work-related injuries, researchers found, “that workers were dealing with work-related injuries
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