Essay On Consecrated Life

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Understanding the Consecrated Life and its Many Forms What is consecrated life, and what does it mean to be consecrated? The word consecrated means “set aside for a sacred purpose.” In our lives as Catholics, we encounter many different examples of consecration. For instance, Church buildings are consecrated because they are to be used for divine worship. The chalice used during the Liturgy of the Eucharist is consecrated—it is never to be used as an ordinary cup but only for the offering of the Eucharist. Cemeteries are consecrated places, and visitors are expected to demonstrate appropriate respect for the faithful departed. And the central action of the Mass is called the consecration: at that moment, the Eucharistic gifts are no longer…show more content…
The charism given to a founder of a religious community is expressed and made evident through his or her particular spirituality and way of life. Those who join religious communities are called to live a life consecrated to God in the pattern set by a founder, according to the charism the founder received. The Church often speaks of the eschatological nature of consecrated life and calls men and women in consecrated life to be eschatological signs by conforming their whole lives to Christ and by focusing more exclusively on the things of Heaven. The word eschatological comes from the Greek word eschaton, meaning “last.” It refers to final or ultimate things, in particular God’s plan for the conclusion of time. Christ’s second coming and the Last Judgment are both eschatological events. Our own personal eternal destinies, especially our call to live eternally in the presence of God, also have a strong, inherently eschatological dimension, because each of us will undergo a particular judgment at the moment of
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