Essay On Conformity And Nonconformity

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Neel Patel Semester Exam. In the United States, a country created out of rebellion, society seemingly celebrates the idea of uniqueness, individuality, and nonconformity. However, in Brave New World and 1984 , conformity is strictly and, sometimes, brutally enforced. However, in reality, is nonconformity really respected or are there more structures in place than we are willing to acknowledge to encourage conformity, even in the United States of 2017? While we seemingly celebrate individuality, in reality, we do many things to discourage nonconformity. In Brave New World, stability is ensured through each individual’s conformity to the state’s values. Conformity begins in the hatchery where babies are modified and mass produced. In the novel, on pg. 7 the Director calls the process of engineering mass produced humans, “one of the major instruments of social stability.” The process creates “uniform” and “unvarying” Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons. However, even after this process, which breeds out individuality, some still remains. This is suppressed with the opiate-like drug, Soma. Soma allows people to numb their feelings and increase their feelings well-being, but it also enables them to be further controlled. For example, Lenina has feelings for one man and has a desire to be in a monogamous, loving relationship, but the state discourages these types of emotional relationships. However, Lenina, in order to conform to the society’s norms, uses Soma to suppress her feelings. Propaganda is also used to ensure conformity, for example, the Director shows on a visit to the hatchery how even Betas, the second highest class of humans are given “moral education” that includes hypnotic propaganda coming from a loudspeaker, “I’m ... ... middle of paper ... with differing opinions, particularly, on political issues to shout each other down. Social media is a platform where often people with unpopular ideas or opinions get bullied into being quiet and keeping their opinion to themselves. Therefore, even though, we seemingly live in a society that is tolerant of nonconformity, there are pressures to conform and be like everyone else. In conclusion, nonconformity is dealt with harshly in both 1984 and Brave New World. U.S. society today does not suppress nonconformity in the same way as in these novels, but sometimes non-conformity is also discouraged. Everyone is different in their own ways, I don’t think anyone should discourage them to change. We are in a world of many cultures and many different kinds of people. People should get to do what they want to do and not forcefully challenge them to be the same as others.
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