Essay On Conflict Management

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This essay looks at different theories and solutions that will help in improving a day to day routine of an organization. The given theories are equity theory, communication models /theory and conflict handling theory. A business example will also be given.

How would motivating employee’s prompt motivation for the management staff, resulting in a more prosperous business entity?
Apply equity theory
The importance of positive work environments and its benefit is that great workplaces can help motivate employees. Employees that are happy tend to be more productive, which is resulting in a more prosperous business entity. Motivated employees can make all the difference in a successful company. There are a number of incentives that would help
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Also our communication skills can be improved through knowledge,practice , feedback, and reflection.

How can conflict be reduced in a workplace using effective conflict management
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It can arise within the workplace between co-workers, mangers, bosses and so on. One of the main reason conflict occur is competition between resources such as supplies, money or incompetent management. It is also happening when there’s goal differences between employees in the organization. Also conflict will most likely happen when there’s misunderstanding in communication. In a workplace environment, conflict can be encountered by customer service employees and a other team members on an everyday basis, depending on the business. A most common conflict experiences by most are a dissatisfied customer who is not really happy with the service or other members in the workplace are not doing there work well. For example, the team member never pays attention to the finer details, resulting in the team being held responsible for errors.It often means tasks have to be checked and redone by other team members. This then will cause conflict among the employees within the workplace. It is important for every employees to work to maintain the same standards.Consistency and equality fosters mutual respect in the workplace and the workers.Managing conflict is a key management competency within organizations and should be addressed immediately. Leaders in turn need to manage individual performance before it becomes an issue for the
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