Essay On Conductivity Of Liquids

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Kelly Gouws 9J Miss White

My project is on the conductivity of liquids. The purpose of this experiment was to compare the electrical resistance of various liquids.
When dissolved in water some substances produce a solution that will conduct an electric current. Substances like this produce ions when they are dissolved in water, and it is the ions that carry the current through the solution. Ions are charged atoms or molecules which carry an electrical current through a substance, ions are formed when electrons are transferred from one particle to another particle. The number of ions that are present in a liquid are determined by the electrical resistance of a liquid. An electrical
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Some of the best liquid conductors usually contain a noticeable amount of acid or salt. Salt water is a good conductor because salt is an ionic bond which breaks up in water (ionic bonds form when two atoms (ions) come together). When the ionic bonds break they tend leave charged ion particles flowing around in the water. As we know electricity is carried out by charged particles therefore salt is a good conductor. On the other end covalent (non-ionic) bonds are bonds between atoms that are not charged and therefore will not produce an electric current.

Investigative Question:
What is the relationship between the resistance of various liquids and their ionic or covalent (non-ionic) state?
The relationship between the resistance of different liquids and whether the substance is ionic or covalent will be the amount of ions in the substance.
Independent: The liquids being used.
Dependant: The conductivity of the liquids.
Controlled: Temperature, amount of each liquid being tested, state of the liquid (solid, liquid or gas) in this case it will be liquid and pressure.

• Small class bowls or containers( x7)
• Conduction wires
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