Essay On Computer Network Administrator

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Have you ever thought about what would happen if all the technology that we rely on today suddenly stopped working? To ensure that this never happens there are computer network administrators. Though it may seem like a boring career, there is a lot of responsibility on these people ensuring that there is never a dull moment. To learn what these responsibilities and the more information of the career one would need to look at the history of the career, Job description, the Education and Training needed, Salary and the Benefits along with it, Location and hours, Some of the positive and some negative attributes, and even what the Projected Outlook for the career. When looking at the job description of a computer network administrator one thing…show more content…
Some recommended college classes and backgrounds are in math, science, and computer science. In order to remain capable to successfully work in this career you must continuously educate yourself about new technologies that come out (institute 14). “Job opportunities should be favorable for this occupation. Prospects should be best for applicants who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science (Bureau).” For students to gain practical experience some students while still in college participate in a internship…show more content…
Included in the $50,000 pay is benefits like paid vacation, paid holidays, and in some cases a bonus at the end of the year. as you become more educated in the career you will begin to achieve higher positions and promotions at that time at that time you begin to get higher pays such as 55,000 to 60,000 dollars (institute 16-17). The most common places for computer network administrators to work are in schools with a average pay of $50,000, college with a average pay of $55,000, industries averaging anywhere from $70,000 to $80,000, and goverment jobs averaging $80,000 and above up to the 100,000s (institute 17). typical hours for a computer network administrator in 40 to 50 hours a week. The hours a administrator works can change in a instant, if a network crashes that could cause a administrator to have to work very late days, miss dinners, holidays, and family events in some cases working non stop until the issue is resolved (institute
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