Essay On Community Policing

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What is community policing? Community policing is the system of placing police officers in particular areas so that they can become familiar with the local inhabitants. The goal of community policing is to reduce crime, reduce fear of crime and enhance quality of life within the community. Community policing is not only beneficial to the community but to police officers as well. Examining the evolution and practice of community policing more carefully, allows the implementation of changes that will make this a better policing strategy. Improving community policing strategies is important because it will help strengthen the bond between the police and the community. Trust within a community is the key to getting citizens to go the police…show more content…
Before law enforcement became organized, individuals, families and other groups used their own methods for maintaining order within their community. The first community policing model was referred to as “Kin Policing” by English historian Charles Reith. This model relied on the idea that individuals were responsible for the actions of their relatives or neighbors. Later on the frankpledge was created in order to establish a more consistent method of law enforcement. In this model all men over 12 years of age were joined in groups of approximately ten households, called a “tything.” These “tything’s” were responsible for apprehending any member of their group that committed a crime. Lastly, the parish constable system was created. Unlike the Frankpledge, males in the community served a 1 year term as constable. The constable was responsible for organizing a group of watchman to protect the community members and apprehend criminals. Policing has evolved substantially since the parish constable system has been used, however, community policing was put on the back burner and was replaced with other strategies that ended up causing a rift between citizens and police.
“Research conducted during the 1970’s suggested that one factor could help police improve their record in dealing with crime: information.” (Kelling and Moore, 1988) Unfortunately, after the political era people no longer trusted the police. The aim of community policing was to redevelop a relationship between the police and their community. Community policing has evolved considerably over the years, however one of the main aspects of community policing is still citizen involvement. According to the United States Department of
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