Essay On Community Garden

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What is a community garden and why are they critical in keeping a neighborhood in good shape? A community garden consists of an area that grows nutritious substances, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, for local citizens to enjoy. These gardens, in return, can contribute to a safer neighborhood, and improve the health standards for people in communities. However, it is important to note that managing and growing a garden that is open to the public can be a challenge. Volunteers are a necessity to keep a community garden open. A solution to motivate individuals to start a garden and take proper care of it is to provide local incentives for the community. If by using the local incentives, the community will be encouraged to do a wonderful job. In order for people to lend their hands in their communities, local incentives will provide a satisfying amount of money to help fund a great garden. It is true that raising a community garden can be a laborious task, and therefore, support should be granted to help attract others to participate.. One article in the Aiken Standard outlined the impressive commitment required to raise a garden, stating, “Patient and committed, these gardeners plant, grow and harvest food for market and for their own kitchens. Day in and day out, they wake up in the early morning to go to their plots – as early as 6 a.m. for some. They water crops and pluck weeds before heading to work and before the sun becomes unbearable” (Salazar). The colossal amount of effort needed to run a successful garden can seem a little overwhelming, but if the project is properly funded and has plenty of hard workers, then the task can be accomplish. The amount and types of foods that community gardens grow help addre... ... middle of paper ... a beautiful scenery that would appeal to the attention of others. Community gardens can then play as an important factor in the representation of the quality of the neighborhood. The establishment of a community garden is a wise decision to make, even if it requires a good amount of dedication to be effective. They serve numerous benefits to local neighborhoods, which includes: crime prevention, improvements in health standards, and the overall beauty of the area. Since growing and maintaining a garden can be difficult, local incentives should be granted to neighborhoods to help encourage others to support it. If everybody takes the time to have a community garden in their neighborhoods, communities will transform into lovable, happy places in which to live. A community garden creates a good idea that addresses issues concerning crime, hunger,and blight.
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