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The word ‘’communicate’ ’is historically related to the word ‘’common’’. It is derived from the Latin word which means ‘’ to share’’ or ‘’to make common’’. When we communicate we make things common thus increasing our shared knowledge and common sense from Karl Erick Rose green (2000) Introduction to communication page56 London: Sage. In other words communication refers to the process of transferring information from one person to another with the intention to give message with what effect. Organization on other hand is a group of people who form a business together in a structured and organized manner in order to achieve common goals……In short organizational communication refers to the communication within an organization, that’s all the …show more content…

The meaning centered theory is important in organizational communication because it ‘’ask what communication is or if communication is responsible for decision making, organizing and the way we understand messages’’ Barnet&O’Rourke, 2011, pg. 26. The meaning centered theory also underscores the need for sense making describing how people do and talk about things. For examples employees helping each other out in solving problems make the employee develop a positive culture that is beneficial in making an organization meet it is goals. Technical theory on the other hand constantly evolve in response to social and technical change. In organizational communication technical theory are the tools and techniques used to provide the right information in the right way at the right time to make work easier and more productive. For example functional specification and proposal help one group of technical experts communicate effectively with other technical experts speeding up development cycles , reducing rework caused by misunderstanding and eliminating risks associated with miscommunication in an …show more content…

When interacting with others listening will help you avoid confusion, understand task more clearly and generate overall positive connections to whom you are speaking. For example students who listen attentively in class are not likely to fail.Appart from that according to Dr ………..says ‘’Preparation in every situation paves the way to effective communications’’. The tactic of preparation translate into productivity, professionalism and respect from other. For example studies have shown that employee who is always prepared and knowledgeable, advancement is not far on the horizon. Preparedness does not only benefits your organization, it betterment your career and your interactions with

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