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In this century, there are many young adults who are highly motivated due to the countless job opportunities out there, so many of them would like a higher education. Even though many people think higher college tuition rates are better for the school by helping it remain economically stable and the school is better in general such as it having nicer classrooms and equipment, this is resulting in many students who deserve to be in that school but cannot financially afford it not able to come in. This has a majority of the wealthier high school graduates already having an upper hand to the less wealthy high school graduates regardless of their standardized testing scores or gpa. Colleges lowering their tuition would result in them seeing more kids attend their schools. By colleges lowering their tuition, they are basically giving all students an equal chance of being able to attend their college. This has a big effect on society because it will later on affect the economy due to many people not going into high paying jobs. College tuition rates going up is resulting in many students not attending college. To lower college tuition costs so that more people will be able to attend the colleges of their choice regardless of their family's income would be for public colleges to allow a different range of tuition just like private schools. According to Gary…show more content…
College tuition is currently above inflation by 6% and it is rising at an exponential rate. If this were to continue,the tuition of public schools would get into the tuition of private schools. To prevent this, many families should be prepared because in the last year alone every few months, colleges said that they were raising they were raising their tuition. Another think families should do would be to go by the financial offices in the school to see their options on what they can do to solve

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