Essay On College Is The Hardest Time Of My Life

College is portrayed by most as the hardest time of a student 's life. All throughout high school, I was taught to be fearful of college. However, when I began classes at Wilkes Community college, I learned it was not like everyone had said. Teachers and parents were right about it being different from any other education I have had, but they were wrong about it being miserable. Throughout the first semester, I have learned many new skills and techniques to succeed in college. Some of these came naturally and some not so much. The mistakes I have made actually have helped me more than hurt me. Life is a learning experience and gaining knowledge from every kind of circumstance can only help. I have learned many new skills in my first semester of college. The first new skill I have learned is time management. We discussed this for a long time in ACA 122. Time management is being able to use time wisely and make the best of it. For instance, backwards planning an essay so it gets done in a reasonable amount of time. Another important skill I learned was organization. I bought a planner at the beginning of the semester and it has been my lifeline. I was able to put all my assignments in the planner. This way I did not forget even one assignment. With both these skills, I was able to complete most assignments the…show more content…
I could not disagree more with that statement at this time. I do not really feel like I make a massive difference to the college. Nevertheless, I do feel like I am making a difference in my future. My decision to come to community college was a decision I do not regret. I have taken responsibility for my future. With the new skills I have learned, the inadequate skills I have worked on, and the mistakes I have made, overall I feel like this semester was a success. With the success in the first semester of college, my excitement grows to begin next semester and eventually finish my college
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