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College is a place for learning and fun. More of an emphasis on fun. When you 're in high school, there are multiple colleges that you can choose from. That is, if you are a good student or not. Getting a scholarship is not the only thing that is looked for to get into college. There is that fun factor, that can always be overlooked. College should be a place that you can be comfortable in, where you can hang out with your friends when school gets too stressful. Not going to lie to you, academics are still important, but the fun factor should not be forgotten. As a personal statement, I think a freshmen college student, or a high school graduate, should account for his or her academic interests, but to also consider extracurricular activities…show more content…
Here is where the real fun part should be labeled. A person should have fun in college. He or she shouldn’t just be cooped up in a room to rot and do school work. That isn’t fun, or at least not for a majority of people. College should not be a memory of you sitting in a giant room filled with a bunch of other random kids that you have no idea who they are. That was high school. We have to put on our big boy pants and actually do something more entertaining than work. You are going to do it for the rest of your life, don’t waste that fun that you could have by doing nothing but study. It is unfair to a student to be forced into a slavery like cycle that will never end. The professors at the college should know that better than anybody. They have already gone through it. Why do they still assign just as much homework? Probably because they have all become sadist in their line of work, but we should all be willing to overlook that. Maybe invited them to your next party. Give them a break from their job. You should realize how key having fun is in college; if your memories aren’t happy, why should you remember them at all? And without all that publicity that your students will give your college, that just means more money for the college. It’s like growing a garden and each fruit has about 20 seeds in them to grow more fruit. In this case, it is

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