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How Coffee Reduces and Boosts energy
CNN Health reports, that over half of American adult’s drink coffee every day and coffee drinkers generally consume approximately three cups of their favorite it per day. That amount of caffeine may be the greatest concern of coffee 's effects on your body, although coffee 's effects aren 't all problematic. Coffee is a commonly used drink that people drink in the morning before they start their daily schedule to keep them energized. A lot of people drink coffee on the daily basis because they assume it gives them energy. However, does coffee really boost a person’s energy or are people just relying on the fact that they were told it does so they just drink it? Consuming coffee can give a person energy
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For instance, when I drink coffee no matter the time of day it does not boost my energy, instead the coffee makes me drowsy quickly. That is because a person cannot drink coffee while their energy level is already high because it can cause the body to shut down slowly. According to Adrian Hodgson, a nutritional sport scientist, “Coffee can increase energy through the nervous system causing a person’s body to perform better during activities such as exercising”. Most people fail to realize that for coffee to operate properly in the system the body should always remain in constant movement. In my case, I know once I drink coffee it makes my body hot and once I begin to get warm I tend to get sleepy quickly. According to Tamara Bakradze, a nurse,” coffee needs to be balanced once you drink it because if not it will cause your other body functions to shut down because it has nothing to feed off to produce the energy that you…show more content…
They found out that a wide variety of athletes use coffee to help them progress through their exercises.” According to Simon Higgins, an expert in sports medicine “coffee contains chlorogenic acids which can help the body in many ways it causes a person’s body to maintain a steady pace after the energy from the coffee they consume wears off.” If a person’s body is not used to coffee the caffeine from the coffee will cause headaches and other symptoms. Always be careful of how much coffee you drink because it will put the body in serious pain such as pain in the knees and elbows. Consuming coffee before exercising can increase energy but eventually it will wear off and cause a person to urinate
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