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Scientists have been successful in the areas of cloning before, but a breakthrough in 2013 is helping the area of stem cell usage. There is much controversy over the use of stem cells, but this new technology may help lessen that. Using a technique called “somatic cell nuclear transfer,” researchers cloned a human embryo. Within an embryo are embryonic stem cells, which are unique because of their never-ending list of uses. Stem cells are a crucial part of many new medical research projects because they can be manipulated into producing any type of bodily cell, including more stem cells. With the use of stem cells, scientists may be able to produce organs, create vaccines, and possibly find cures for many diseases.
Cloning has been a goal of scientists and researchers for decades. In 1996, the first mammal was successfully cloned: a sheep named Dolly. Then, in 2007, researchers at the Oregon National Primate Research Center cloned the embryos of primates. The goal of embryonic cloning is to extract embryonic stem cells, which are desirable because of their wide variety of uses in research. Embryonic stem cells are rare because they are found only in a four or five day-old embryo. In 2013, researchers achieved an astonishing breakthrough by cloning a human embryo and thus, were able to extract embryonic stem cells. This breakthrough is crucial to the development of stem cell research, since it is a way for stem cells to be used without harming a living human embryo. While there are other alternatives to retrieve stem cells, including the reprogramming of an adult stem cell to create an induced pluripotent stem cell, such technologies have not yet been perfected.
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...oping stages, there are no major vendors or customers. In the future, once laboratories perfect treatments using stem cells, they will be the vendors to the hospitals hoping to use those technologies to treat patients and save lives.
I believe the use of stem cells will have a positive impact on our society. We are always looking for ways to cure any diseases that affect our everyday lives, from cancer to diabetes. With the use of stem cells, we could see a cure for these diseases in the future and millions will benefit.
The cloning of embryos to extract embryonic stem cells is an amazing breakthrough for scientists worldwide. The possibilities for stem cell use are endless and cloning is a new way to achieve them. Potential problems may include further ethics debates and a possible shortage of donor eggs, but I believe scientists will overcome these obstacles.
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