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Clara Barton Thousands of lives would have not been lost if Clare Barton did not play the role she did in the Civil War. Clara Barton was an influential leader during the Civil War due to her childhood experiences, decisions she made during the war, and the legacy she left behind after the war. Clara Bartonś life before the civil war molded her to be an influential person in our nation's history. Born in Massachusetts in 1821 Clara Harlowe Barton was the youngest of six children. Barton reinforced her early education with practical experience, working as a clerk and bookkeeper for her oldest brother (civil war trust). Her siblings and family helped her with her education. Sally and Dorothy, her two sisters, taught Clara how to read. Stephen, her older brother, taught her arithmetic and David, the eldest, taught everything else; for instance, how to ride anything on four legs, how to keep her balance, and how to take care of and nurse animals. Years had gone by and her parents decided to send her to a boarding school to overcome her nervousness . However, when Clara got there, she was so overwhelmed that her problem became even worse, so her parents soon withdrew her from the school (Civil War Trust). She worked for several years as a teacher, even starting her own school in Bordentown, New Jersey in 1853. In 1854 she moved south to Washington, D.C. in search of a warmer climate. From 1854 to 1857 she was engaged as a clerk in the Patent Office until her anti-slavery opinions made her too controversial. When she went home to New England she continued the charity works and philanthropy she had begun in Washington (Civil War Trust). In 1850 she left to teach at Bordentown, New Jersey. Families in Bordentown were required to pay ... ... middle of paper ... ...uccessfully helped many people in the war and did us a lot of good. Clara Barton was an influential leader during the Civil War. First, she learned many important life lessons during her childhood experiences. Second, she made many important decisions during the war. Finally, she left behind a positive legacy after the war. Clara Barton was overall a huge help for the war saving and curing many soldiers. Works Cited “Biography.” Civil War Trust, Civil War Trust, “Clara Barton.” Clara Barton - Childhood, “Clara Barton Biography.” Encyclopedia of World Biography, Makers. “Clara Barton Accomplished Way More Than You Think.” Makers, MAKERS, 27 June 2017,

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