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The definition of civil disobedience is a form of protest in which protesters deliberately violate the law (Suber, 1999). Civil disobedience can be shown in many different ways and is also used for many different reasons. Civil disobedience can be caused by democracy, used for murder excuses, government hacking, deportation and equal rights. Some say there is no way to justify civil disobedience while others think it is necessary in some cases. People choose civil disobedience because they feel it's the best way to get the attention they need for their cause. These people see it as the practical way to go about fighting for their cause without actually using violence. While some people who act upon civil disobedience do turn to violence, that doesn't mean that want to, they just think it's their only option.
One reason people use civil disobedience is because of the government. When people use this type of disobedience they are trying to get society to accept the opposing view point (Starr, 1998). In this case the opposing view point is usually the protesters point of view. While this disobedience may be considered illegal, it's usually non-violent and the protesters or activist are willing to accept their punishment. The way they see it is that if the do get arrested, they're just one step closer to getting into court to challenge the constitutionality of the law (Suber, 1999). It even states, that in the Bill of Rights, if the government becomes unjust that it is the job of the people to retaliate and fix the government (Starr, 1998). One objection to civil disobedience is that it can't be justified in democracy because if the unjust laws are made by the legislature then they can be fixed by the legislature....

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... at times. There is no evidence that civil disobedience leads to lawlessness (Suber, 1999). The way to translate the acts of civil disobedience is that it's a fail If you disobey because you disapprove but you succeed if you disobey when obedience will cause more harm than disobedience (Suber, 1999). Martin Luther King said that people should use disobedience for unjust laws but just laws must be obeyed. That if the careless imitate civil disobedience then it can not be confined (Suber, 1999).
There are many ways to act upon civil disobedience, legal or illegal, violent or non-violent. Sometimes people are disobedient without realizing it. Civil disobedience is a part of life whether a person believes it to be right or wrong. Just remember that on day it could be you getting treated unfairly and then you could make the decision to preform civil disobedience.
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