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Christie Hefner: CEO of Playboy Enterprises Written by: Joel Stanfel Written for: Ruth Schaa Leadership Issues Monday, 2:00 pm Friday, April 18, 2014 Christie Hefner: CEO of Playboy Enterprises Christie Hefner, a year after graduating college, took over an over-extended Playboy Enterprises, and refocused its interests into more a profitable media based business again. With the use of her leadership style she was able to rejuvenate Playboy Enterprises to a likeness of its former glory. Also by being able to keep key assets to company she was able to improve, and disallow others from acquiring some of the most talented people in the industry. Christie’s success proved to other women in the different business arenas that being a woman did not have to be a hindrance to achieving personal goals. Christie worked a year as a journalist before joining Playboy Enterprises in 1975, where she worked in various departments within the company before becoming president in 1982. In 1988, when she became CEO of the company, Christie worked hard to refocus the profit centers of the company. Under Christie’s direction Playboy was able to buy up Spice Network and Club Jenna to help eliminate competition and broaden their visual media. She was able to increase revenue by licensing the Playboy name, and by cutting costs by eliminating the dvd sales, and by shutting down various Playboy Clubs. Christie is known for her personalized and humanistic authoritarian management style that worked effectively with followers, and created an analytical approach to solving many problems within the company. Before becoming president, she spent seven years learning the business and participating in much of the day to day decision making processes at Pl... ... middle of paper ... ...rt. (2012, November 26). Executive profile: Christie Hefner, executive chairman, Canyon Ranch Enterprises. Chicago Tribune. Retrieved from Lenonsky, R. (1985, November 17). Christie Hefner Changes Playboy Management Style. New Straits Times. Retrieved from,1659004 People With Passion: Christie Hefner. (2011, October 11). Retrieved March 27, 2014, from The Committee of 200. (n.d.). Retrieved from The Committee of 200:

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