Essay On Christian Worldview

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Christianity has been around for about 2000 years (The First Christianity, 2009). Even though it has been around for a long period of time, there is still are many people who question someone who has a Christian worldview. Some questions that come up are: Who is God? As humans what is our purpose in life? Who was Jesus? In this paper we will explore how an individual with a Christian worldview views God, humanity, Jesus and restoration.
To a person with Christian worldview God is the creator the universe, he a trinity, and he is love. The universe is a divine creation of God. Chapter 1 of Genesis in the Old Testament takes us back to the beginning of time. It explains how God had the capability to create all that exist in the period of 6 days. He holds the power to create anything that he desires. Genesis gives us a look in how God create a human in his own image (English Standard Version, Genesis 1:26-27). God is capable of all doing what we cannot. As
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One of the biggest strengths that comes along with a Christian Worldview is that I am able to believe that God has the power to change my life. The benefit of having a Christian Faith is that God guides my path and fulfills my life with love and strength to continue my life on earth. It is confusing at times to understand why humans that are trying to live a righteous life, still have obstacles coming their way. But then again I think about how the world was curse due to the Fall of humanity. The good thing about Christian Faith is that it influences us to be humble and love one another. This changes our behavior on how we act when we dislike or disagree with something or someone. We are able to be more patients and understanding towards those that do not share our worldview. One of the weaknesses that come with Christian Faith is that we are not able to avoid being
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