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Child Labor in Global Production

Veronika Natan

Monroe College

In our society child labor and sweatshops are illegal. People in United States look down on any business that takes advantage of children in the labor industry. Majority of people disapprove companies that use child labor to produce goods, but intentionally or unintentionally we support these business anyway. Children are involved in manufacture of many of the goods we use on daily basis, mostly imported from companies overseas. These companies are manufacturing clothing, shoes, sporting equipment, toys, mining of coal, diamonds, gold and produce. Time after time we are blinded and are unaware of the history of the products that we use.
Most Americans would be horrified to find out how their favorite pair of sneakers is made or how the diamond on their hand was mined. However, it can be stated with confidence that we support these businesses on daily bases. Child labor is a major drive of the global economy in the current years where companies such as Reebok and Wal-Mart have the monopoly. Often it seems that it is easier to look the other way then to make a different in lives of innocent children. (Kelly, 2008).
Child Labor is defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO) as “a form of work that is inherently hazardous, employs children below the internationally recognized minimum age, or is exploitive” (U.S. Lib. of Congress). The ILO estimates those approximately 250,000,000 children between the ages of five and fifteen work, and 120,000,000 work full times. Children comprise 22% of the total workforce in Asia, 32% in Africa, 17% in Latin America, and 1% in the United States, Canada, and other wealthy nations. (, n....

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