Essay On Cherokee Indians

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According to the 2010 census, The Cherokee Indians are the second most common Native American tribes in the Nation. This can best express what has happened over centuries because their culture and social development has evolved and has kept them in the United States for hundreds of years. They are one of the most populated for a reason and that is that their society has always evolved, learning from their past mistakes. The Cherokee tribe descends from the Iroquoian family, who occupied the majority of the southeaster United States. Some of the states include present day North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and Alabama. Over the decades, they have been forced to abandoned their legitimate lands because of the treaties and…show more content…
The first one is the a ni go lo hi, the long hair clan, which are known to be very peaceful. This clan is very distinct from the others because it involves the prisoners of war, orphans of other tribes and completely strangers with no Cherokee tribe.In times of war, the Peace chief comes from the long hair clan. The Second clan is the oldest clan in the Cherokee, a ni sa ho ni, which are the Blue clan . They are the people who make and provide medicine for the children. The third clan are the warriors of the tribe, the a ni wa ya. Also called the Wolf, the protectors of the tribe, were the War Chief is selected. The fourth clan is the a ni go te ge wi, the wild potato clan, which means they were the farmers and gathered of the tribe. They took care of gathering the wild potato, which was the main crop in the east at that time. The fifth clan is the a ni a wi, the Deer clan, who were in charge of the hunting and gathering of the animals. They took care of the animals when they were around them. The ability to run and hunt made the members of this clan perfect to be the messengers between villages. The sixth clan is the a ni tsi s qua, which are the Bird clan in charge of the birds since they believe they are the messengers between earth and the heavens. Lastly, The seventh clan is the a ni wo di, the Paint clan, who are the prominent medicine people. The
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