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Charles Lindbergh, A man who made history in aviation and held aviation close to his heart, he was loved by the public, famous all over the world some called him an “American Hero” or they chose to call him by his nicknames such as, “The Lone Eagle” and “Lucky Lindy” He was very influential to the 1920s by promoting aviation and making history by completing the first solo transatlantic flight.

Charles Lindbergh, was indeed very famous for completing his transatlantic flight but when he was little his life was different. Lindbergh was born on February 4th, 1902 in Detroit Michigan. When Charles was five years old his mother and father split up and when this happened he lived with his mom. Charles and his mom lived a somewhat different life style. This life style was different because at one half of the year they would live in little falls Charles loved the house in Little Falls, but for the other half they lived in hotels and apartments that had already been furnished. Even though Charles parents “split up” but they didn’t divorce because that would have meant that Charles father, Charles August Lindbergh’s elder political career and the farmers of Minnesota in the 1900s would never want a man that was divorced to represent them.

The Transatlantic flight was probably the biggest making of history for aviation. This is when Charles Lindbergh flew from Long Island, New York at Roosevelt field to Le Bourguet Field located in Paris. Lindbergh actually flew further than the three thousand six hundred miles that was needed to complete the transatlantic flight this flight had to be accomplished without stopping. Many pilots had tried before him but all failed . It took him thirty three and half hours to fly across and he was greete...

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...ers with Henry Ford. After the war Lindbergh started writing books he wrote books such as; Flight of life(1948), The Spirit of St. Louis(1953) in which he won the Pulitzer Prize for. Lindbergh also wanted to work to preserve the environment. Years later Lindbergh and his wife Anne Moved to their remote home in Maui Hawaii. In this house is where Lindbergh would spend his last days.

Lindbergh died from cancer on August 26, 1974, though his wife lived on and so did his five children in 2003 his other children that no one had ever heard before that came from a German woman he had three children with her a long term affair they say.

But despite any unnecessary rumors Lindbergh is highly credited with helping advance and develop aviation in the 1920s, and even the 1900s in general. His outstanding and courageous acts still inspire many people all over the world today.
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