Essay On Charles By Shirley Jackles

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614 words

In the short story “Charles” written by Shirley Jackson, Laurie, a young kindergartener who is able to run around causing trouble without his parents knowing or even suspecting anything. Laurie is an arrogant, yet creative and persuasive child.
Laurie is creative. Laurie is able to think of ideas on the spot when he lies about the true identity of Charles. He says that Charles is bigger than him and that “he doesn’t have any rubbers and he doesn’t wear a jacket” (2). The little details that he can easily provide show much creativity. When he imagines Charles, he is acting like a painter with a blank canvas, he could have painted a few simple black lines but instead, he paints or imagines a canvas with lots of squiggles and colours. On top of that, Laurie can think of a lot of different ways to make trouble. He does not learn how to make trouble from anybody else because he is new to school which does not give him time to pick up this kind of behaviour from someone else. His teacher does not mention that he was influenced by anybody. He gets in trouble on the first day of scho...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how laurie is an arrogant, yet creative and persuasive child in shirley jackson's short story "charles".
  • Analyzes how laurie is creative. he is able to think of ideas on the spot when he lies about the true identity of charles.
  • Analyzes how laurie is flamboyant and leaves clues that he is charles to his parents. his behaviour is "charles"-like on the first day of school when his style of cloths changes from "corduroy overalls" to "blue jeans and a belt."
  • Analyzes how laurie talks about charles so much that it has become a "routine." laurie's language suggests that he thinks charles is someone that is fun and great.
  • Concludes that laurie has too much pride in himself and his actions, is bursting with different and colorful ideas although they may not all be benevolent, and is convincing for a child his age.
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