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There are many types of licenses, certifications, and accreditations to be a nurse. There are a multitude of differences between a license, certification and accreditation. A license is a test that validates that the student has acquired the basic knowledge required for safe practices that are needed in the nursing field that they wish to attend. A certification is oriented toward the other end of the scale, testifying to the nurse 's achievement of a special competence, but it limits you to only being able to partake in health and human services. An accreditation is almost like a certification but it for a voluntary safety. Also, a license is generally from the state government not the federal government. However, a certificate is from the…show more content…
The population of nursing all around the world as increase over the years because of the different changes in the world. So first, in United States of America the population of nursing is 5,290,000 this in the regions. However, in Europe the population of nurse is 6,620,000 and it has the most nurse in the regions. Therefore, in Africa the population of nurse is 805,000 they have the least nurses population because of the funding in Africa, but I think they should have more the reason is they do have sicker than America. Next, in South-East Asia the population is 2,224,000 for nurse in the region. In all fairness, the total for all of the regions is 19,380,000 so that mean they are a lot of nurses in the world. Also, in the world the populated nurse that the region, mostly has been Registered Nurse and a Licensed Practice Nurse. Last the population of nurse was having very good impacted on the world if we didn’t have nurse many people would of die and the population of people in the world would have decrease terminals. (Global Nursing…show more content…
First, the type Registered Nurse is working at the hospital by helping a patient in need and been helping the doctor. Next, I want to be a Registered Nurse they have most responsibilities and I love helping people in making my day when I put a smile on someone faces because I helping them when they need me. Also, because they are like the boss of the other nurse so I want to be the boss of the hospitals. Plus, Registered Nurse requires a massive base of knowledge used to evaluate, design and take a hand to promote health, avoid disease and help patient’s encounter with illness. Therefore the role Registered Nurse is to range from direct patient care and case directors to fix nursing practice standards, developing kind words procedures, directing involved nursing care systems, guide clinical research and teaching in nursing programs, as well as practicing in many other stimulating settings. However, a Registered Nurse has to stand, walk and how to cope with stress because they have to deal human suffrages and the emergency in the hospital. Another reason I want to be Registered Nurse is I have had Asthma ever since I was a baby and I have wanted to tell my experience to many others that deal with Asthma as well. (Registered Nurse

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