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In the human mind there are many things that go into decision-making every single day. The strong impetus that drive one’s decision in a situation: certainty and doubt. These feelings that people often have are connected very closely. It would be extremely beneficial for each and every person to be certain in all situations. Both certainty and doubt can be, and have been, the deciding factor in reaching a goal or failing in reaching it. Doubt in oneself oftentimes leads to lack of certainty, and a lack of certainty brings about doubt, and this relationship is key to success or failure in all walks of life. Both certainty and doubt are extremely forceful elements that often alter decision-making and play a huge role in people’s lives and history,…show more content…
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition for certainty is “known or proved to be true”. But can something ever truly be certain? . There is always something that could occur that could derail something from happening. However, there is sometimes a sense of certainty that one has, and this sense, whether true or false, can create a strong feeling of confidence in someone or something. An aspect of certainty that is commonly overlooked is that in certain situations, thinking something is certain can inspire hope in someone. This notion of having confidence can play a unique role on one’s mind and thought process. A feeling of certainty can inspire hope in someone, believing that something is set in stone, and this feeling acts as a driving force in the attitude of that one person. Another important way in which certainty can affect someone is through someone’s decision-making. When something, usually a situation, is seen as “certain”, this feeling can bring about a gargantuan deal of confidence, and confidence is also a very influential force. Confidence often kickstarts someone, lighting a fire beneath them, and driving them to reach their goal or…show more content…
Doubt arises in people’s lives often, and it can play different roles depending on how the person deals with it. From a personal standpoint, doubt should never hinder anyone from reaching their goals no matter what. It has been present before many times, and it is a very dangerous feeling to have. Contrary to popular belief, though, doubt can be both positive or negative depending on how it is handled. A feeling of doubt can either discourage someone from trying or inspire hope in someone. For these reasons, certainty and doubt go hand in hand. Nothing in life is certain. This realization can bring upon dubious thoughts rather than inspire

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