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All of these factors integrated up to the commencement of World War II and they were all caused by the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles was the major cause of World War II. The stipulations of the Treaty of Versailles were categorically aimed at making Germany as impotent as possible. Certain components of the treaty took away German territory and distributed it to other countries or the territory was habituated to compose incipient countries. Areas like the Saar Basin and Upper Silesia, which were paramount to the German economy, were given to France and Poland, respectively.3 Poland supplementally received Danzig.4 Other territories that were ceded included Alsace-Lorraine to France, Eupen-Malmedy to Belgium, North Schleswig to Denmark, and West Prussia, which became ken as the Polish Corridor, to Poland.5 All of Germany’s overseas 1 colonies were ceded to the Allies as well.6 The Treaty of Versailles withal engendered the more diminutive nation of Austria in lieu of what had been Austria-Hungary afore the war and the incipient nation of Czechoslovakia from German land.7 The Treaty of Versailles emasculated Germany’s denotes of conveyance. It put Germany’s river system under foreign control.8 Along with Poland getting the area of Danzig, the Treaty of Versailles gave it control of the railroads and free utilization of the port there.9 The Treaty of Versailles supplementally injuctively authorized that all of the ships in Germany’s mercantile marine were to be given to the Allies and injuctively authorized that Germany must build ships for the Allies in the years to come. In additament the treaty put restrictions on Germany’s military. Germany was sanctioned an army of one hundred thousand and a navy of fifteen th... ... middle of paper ... ...ared toward their regime because they were appalled by the government’s acceptance of such a treaty.26 This feeling of outrage would later turn to a feeling of resentment of the Europeans that made the treaty and of the regime that accepted it. The German peoples’ resentment would not peregrinate away as they incriminated all their economic difficulties on the Treaty of Versailles and viewed themselves as a country circumvented by vengeful enemies.27 The Treaty of Versailles caused German resentment that Hitler capitalized on to gain support and that led to the commencement to World War II. The Treaty of Versailles had a crippling effect on the German economy. Afore World War I the German economy had been dependent on three things: overseas commerce, trade, iron and coal, and its convey and tariff system.28 The treaty’s provisions harmed each of these in some way.

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