Essay On Causes And Effects Of Stress

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The Cause and Effects of Stress on College Students
The chief academic officer Dr. Jacqueline McCray here at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) is very concerned about the major causes and effects of stress on college students here at UAPB. It is a fact, that administrators at colleges all over the nation have some of the same type of concerns. “Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” according to This means stress can be very dangerous to the student and potentially to all those around them. For a number of students stress is the main cause of most of the issues they face including their emotional and physical well-being. The reasons
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It can affect anyone and it can affect them in many different ways. Stress is not always bad for us. Some people feel they work best when pressed and stressed. If some of us didn’t have stress we would procrastinate constantly and not accomplish much in life. It can be both beneficial and driving when we need to get things done. Bad stress can cause a normally health person to be forced to take legal or illegal medication to overcome or suppress stress. This is true especially for students who are not organized and far away from their family. There has to be the right balance of stress that helps us to do things we might not want to do. Stress can move us forward as students. We know that too much stress is not good for students and it keeps them from having a positive college experience. Sometimes instead of pushing students to get things done it makes them shut down. This is especially true for student who have had parents and family members who steps in a paid for things or did things for them before they the feel sickening feeling stress can cause. These are the students we often consider privileged or just spoiled. They feel it the most because stress is all brand new for them. Many of them have said they feel stressed because they are away from their support system and thrown out into a world that expects them to do things that someone else has always done. Stress makes them more responsible or it can tear them apart. It is sad to…show more content…
One of the first stressors that come to most people’s mind is academic. Student academic stress is at an all-time high for students everywhere. Just preparing and getting into the college of your choice is just the being of the stress. Besides that, high school and college work is completely different in terms of amount and quality required. Stress can easily come with learning new ways to do things. Change in itself is a challenges and stressors for some people. College assignments can put an enormous amount of pressure on us but we still must do whatever it takes to be successful. The frightening fear of flunking out is factual. Kirsten Schuder, a Mental Health Professional and associate from Press and MTVU conducted a survey in 2008 that said, “More than half of students (60%) reported that severe stress interfered with their ability to complete their schoolwork more often than once, and that this statistic reflects an increase from 2008.” In terms of academic students face stressors in college with course work plus testing. We have weekly or regular testing, midterm and finals. After all this testing, most of us have the stress of preparing to test in order to gain a license for the field of study that we plan to enter. These fields might include teaching, social work, nursing and many other areas. Testing puts a lot of pressure on students to do well in every course.
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