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Do you know what catacombs are? Catacombs by definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary are “a subterranean cemetery of galleries with recesses for tombs —usually used in plural” (Catacomb). Frequently, the word catacomb is used in plural because all the catacomb tunnels are connected similar to a maze. Although the definition from Merriam-Webster states catacombs include recesses for tombs, they can also just be a passageway located underground. Catacombs are found all over the world, such as New York, London, Paris, Rome, Alexandria (Egypt), Palermo (Italy), Malta (Italy), Vienna (Austria), Brno (Czech Republic). They are especially eminent in Europe, in cities such as Paris, Rome, and London (Lovejoy). Many people are unaware of the catacombs that lie beneath famous cities, but even fewer are aware of the history behind them, or what the catacombs use are currently used. Catacombs They also served multiple purposes, and were built between the years of the second century AD and 1837. The catacombs present in Paris are some of the most famous catacombs. They are located twenty meters, or about 65 feet…show more content…
The ones in Paris are the most famous and were used for burial when a graveyard overflowed, and has had many other uses throughout the years. In Rome, they were mainly used by the Jewish and Christians, used for gatherings or celebrations, and burials as well. Lastly, in London there are many sets of catacombs some were originally meant for transportation, and later used for top secret bunkers/shelters during the war, and another set was an underground cemetery. The catacombs in existence in Europe hold enormous historical value, and hold a great opportunity for people to visit since almost all of them are now available for tours. Maybe you’ll get to experience walking through catacombs one
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