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My goals I would like to begin this assignment by first stating my career goals; as I move forward with the assignment I will then start my academic goal.
My career goals To start out my assignment I would like to explain why I was so drawn to psychology. At the young age of fifteen, I struggled with an addiction. It took me 4 years to realize that the drugs were not worth my life. At the age of twenty I was as diagnosed with Bipolar type one, Post traumatic stress disorder, and an anxiety disorder. I have seen both sides of the struggle and I would like to help those who are going through their own struggles. Having both an addiction and mental illnesses has been very challenging for me to cope with but, every piece of my recovery has lead me to be the person that I am today. It has helped me choose the career that I Intrinsically strive to get. Being Dual diagnosed has helped me reach out to others with similar struggles and help them the best that I can. In doing this I have come to realize what career path I wanted to walk down. Being a counselor for the many challenges and illnesses that
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I can’t simply say that I want these goal to happen in the future. I have to make them happen. With my goals in my mind, I work my hardest and give it 100% of my effort. In order for me to be at the top I have to start from the bottom. What I mean by that is, I can’t walk into a job with no experience. I would like that, but it simply doesn’t happen that way. There are so many things that I wish would just fall upon my lap, but realistically I know those things I will not be handed to me. They are things that have to be earn. That is why I decided to go back to school because I know that in life you have to earn the things you want. I am here to earn my degree in psychology- mental health and use it to help change the stigma of mental health. If I have learned one thing already its, there is nothing to be ashamed

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