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Career Development Plan The process of developing any individual’s career is called career development plan. Career Development plan is often refers to manage individual’s careen in an intra-organizational or inter-organization scenario. Enhancing skills, moving from lower to higher job responsibilities, making a change in career are the are the steps of career development plan. The purpose of Career development plan is to help an individual to attain his goals of life. Without any vibrant plan no one can get success in life. Everyone has aspiration in life and the levels they would like to reach in their life. Steps of Career Development Plan Step no 1- Assessment Get to know yourself- In this step an individual identify his values, interests, and skill which he is having, Step no 2- Exploration Explore career possibilities- In this section an individual study the connection between courses, attentions and career and find the benefits of learning. Step no 3- Preparation In this section an individual refine his career goals and strategies, through interviews, internships and pertinent part time jobs and define a possible career direction. Step no 4- Implementation In this section an individual develop and implement his strategies. He develop the skill which are essential to accomplish his goals. Step no 5- Decision Making In this section an individual make a knowledgeable and eloquent career decision. Gain vision into required specialized development skills to be successful. Importance of Career development plan: In career development plan it is vibrant to have a rich sense of the direction you would like to go. Career development is a critical step and it is essential to someone’s success. The main purpose... ... middle of paper ... ...r Web designers? According to U.S. Department of Labor forecasts for 2008 to 2018, Web design is among the most talented design fields. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 13% growth for graphic designers as a whole, with particular demand for designers who have website and animation design experience. This demand for Web designers is a result of the increase in demand for media and Internet advertising. Web designers can find job opportunities in a number of industries including Internet Service Provider and specialized Web design companies. Advertising firms hire Web designers to develop their website. An increasing number of large enterprises maintain a staff of in-house designers. Finally, Web designers with experience and strong portfolios can maintain careers as independent contractors, providing good services to businesses or individual clients.

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