Essay On Card Counting

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Card counting is giving a certain value to cards that have been dealt in the blackjack table and keeping track of them. The most card counting method for blackjack is called Hi-Low system. Small valued card which is 2-6 has a count of +1, medium valued card which is 7-9 is considered as neutral and has 0 count, and high valued cards, which are 10 and ace have -1 count. It will be ideal if players started counting at the beginning of every game, where dealer’s hasn’t dealt any cards at all, but starting in the middle is also fine. The count doesn’t restart when the round is over, the count keeps on going until the decks get When a count is positive, or high, then the player should bet more, because they have higher odds of getting a good card, and therefore winning. When the count is negative, bet lower. How card-counting works is that players keeps track on what cards are already dealt, and what cards are left. Small valued cards are bad for players as they often either lead to busting or not having a hand high enough to beat the dealer. In the other hand, high valued cards like 10 and aces are good for the players as they have a higher chance of getting a blackjack or starting off with a good initial hand. Because of that, when small cards are dealt, the count rises, and when big cards are dealt, the count decreases. In other words, when bad cards are dealt, players should bet more and vice versa. When there is more than one deck used during the blackjack game, there is a term called true count for the players to estimate how much they should bet. Calculating true count is easy; just divide the card count by the amount of decks left in the table. Players should learn how to estimate how many decks are left. If the car... ... middle of paper ... the right to kick out card counters. Because of that, players following the basic strategy and card counting strategy should know when to use their skill and not get caught. The strategies provided in this report are proven to be valid, and in fact there are cases in which group of people work together playing blackjack using these strategies and gained them millions of dollars. Nevertheless, there are still several improvements that can be made, such as explaining different types of basic strategies, adding more examples, clearer explanation, and also explain about how to beat blackjack dealers by working in teams. In short, players should be able to gain profit from playing blackjack if they follow the strategies (basic strategy, card counting, and betting according to true count) provided in this report, as it will increases the chances of winning blackjack.
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