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The Dark Side of Brutus in Julius Caesar
Brutus is considered the tragic hero because his attributes of being a good friend and a trustworthy person, his flaws includes trusting others too much and poor judgment; also his role in the play in Julius Caesar is being a back stabber and trusting Antony, this is what caused him being a tragic hero for Julius Caesar.
Brutus had a handful of qualities; a couple of them were being a good friend and a trustworthy person. He had these attributes of being a good friend. An example is, when the conspirators wanted to kill Mark Antony, Brutus objected to it. This clearly shows how when it comes to being a loyal person to a friend he is there. He is also a trustworthy person because, “throughout Julius Caesar, Brutus attempts to treat everyone with equal concern, rationally assessing how he should behave towards them”(Hadfield 261). This shows no matter what he has done and also all the power in the world, he is still trustworthy for still caring for Rome.
Brutus’s tragic flaws were that he trusted a person very quickly or too much. He also thought, just to save Rome that he had to kill Caesar. Brutus was also gullible enough too trust Antony after what all that happened and let Antony give a speech at Caesar’s funeral. Brutus acted as if nothing has happened between the two. The only reason he died is because of his major flaw of trusting people too much. “It is this division of thought that makes both Brutus and Cassius see Caesar as dangerous, though Cassius himself suffers no inward division, since he does not see”(Knight 124). This clearly shows how Brutus has poor judgment towards every little matter:
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...ore experienced person in the group would’ve put Brutus out of power, and he would have had to get something else. Brutus could not really predict what Caesar would have done with the crown. He did know that if Caesar was crowned, however, then he had no chance of ever being crowned himself.
Brutus filled the description of the tragic hero quite well with the attributes of being a good friend and trustworthy person however still concludes flaws of trusting others too much and having poor judgment, also had a major role of being a back stabber. Therefore he was a great man, and everyone knew it. However he did kill Caesar, he had a valid excuse, which he had the people believe. He thought that killing Caesar was the right thing to do, even though it was not. Any way one looks at it; Brutus was a great man, and a played a perfect role of a tragic hero.
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