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Things Change, you Move on, but what About the Children?

The piercing, constant yelling from two people who you thought loved each other. The feeling of hate, anger and sadness fill the air in a house that does not seem like much of a home anymore. By any explanation divorce is a horrifying word. For children, at any age, divorce can be stressful, sad and confusing. According to a report covered by CBC News in 2010, four out of ten marriages break apart. (CBC News) While experts acknowledge it is better to come from a broken family than live in one, the effects are traumatic and bring forward short and long term troubles parents may not always take into consideration. Divorce can be a child’s worst nightmare. (P.T metaphor) Children are increasingly being put at risk; effecting their academic abilities, causing emotional distress and creating a greater possibility of drug use and immorality.

Children who come from divorced families perform inadequately oppose to two-parent families due to emotional distraction and confusion, consequentially effecting their test scores and grade. (Kunz, 1992) According to the article The Effects on Academics of Children Who Come from Divorced Families by Thomas Hanson, American sophomore students in high school were observed and discovered that children from families with divorced parents were behind in academics when compared to those with “normal families. It is also found that students who come from broken families are almost three times as likely to drop out of school. It is exceptionally strenuous for a child to focus and succeed when the foundation of their life is being destroyed and their regular support system is not there. Even though the effects of divorce might not be the same for...

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...nge who you once were, your personality and your whole self.

Children who are a part of a broken family caused by divorced parents are at a high risk of academic struggles, emotional instability and the over usage of drugs, alcohol and sexual activity. Marriage is about two people who love each other, making promises to not only themselves but God as well and remaining together “till death do them part.” Knowing the detrimental effects divorce has on children why even get married, let alone have kids if you are not certain the relationship will last? While divorce may be the best thing for many families, we have to realize that children learn from not only what they hear but what they see and ensure they are given the attention they need to understand the split is not their fault and they are still loved. Divorce may be a little word, but it has a huge effect.

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