Essay On Branding In Healthcare

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The use of branding in the healthcare industry is an important tool for building an organizations reputation and relevance to the community and to payers while differentiating from other healthcare organizations and services. Consumer experience, satisfaction, trust, and attachment are important considerations when deciding on how to brand an organization or product and service. “Brand experience is conceptualized as sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioral responses” stemming from a brands image to its environments (Chinomona, 2013). Brand experience includes how a consumer views and seeks out information about that specific organization Brand satisfaction, according to Chinomona’s article, refers to consumer fulfillment and level of expectation achieved that result in overall satisfaction of the product or service or organization. Brand trust is the idea that consumers believe a product, service, or organization will actually do what they are intended to and allows consumers to rely on its viability. Brand attachment refers to a consumer’s deep connection or self identification to the brand while fulfilling consumer
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Due to the overhaul of the healthcare industry through the Affordable Care Act, branding is absolutely necessary for hospitals and healthcare organizations to participate in. Consumers are now more aware of products, services, and medicines that they may need. They are more informed in every level of healthcare including pricing, types of care, health research, and services available to them. No longer does every patient go to the local hospital for convenience, they travel for brand, for quality. In order for a healthcare organization to set them apart, they must develop a strong marketing strategy focused on patient need and satisfaction in order to build a solid
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