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Brainstorming and Mind mapping

Brainstorming is a technique that is widely used in big corporates now a day. Brainstorming is generally used to come up with ideas for critical problems. The process of brainstorming is bringing different kind of people with different mindsets who are from diversified community. They may be from different genders, from different religions, from different sectors, from different tribes or from different cultural backgrounds etc., Idea of inviting different type of people is to get different thoughts. Bringing up these thoughts will take the topic to a next level of thinking. This concept was developed by Mr. Alex Osborn in 1941.(brainstorming) Many researchers were contributed their developments since then.

The idea of having this kind of brainstorming session is to find solution to a particular problem. The problem shall be addressed to everyone by defining the issues. No one should be allowed to criticize anyone’s ideas. It will discourage people to speak up frankly. Attendees with less confidence can be scared of expressing their ideas freely.

All participants have to be requested to participate fairly without any hesitation. Main idea behind it is to gather solutions to fix a complicated issue.

Definition of Brainstorming is “Brainstorming” is a combination of relaxed, informal approach to solve problems with lateral thinking.

Sometimes, people may come up with thoughts that look little bit crazy. By putting one thought on the desk will spark others to bring up with different thoughts, either positively or negatively. Sometimes, the attendees who think negatively or opposing on everything will bring strong values. All the thoughts have to be welcomed to avoid ego among the attendees. Onc...

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...g with lateral thinking. It encourages people to come up with thoughts and ideas that can, at first, seem a bit crazy.”(MindTools) This combined approach makes a person think out of the box. When critical problems are put, limits are also made so, that you don't move away from the topic.

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