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The term ‘consciousness’ as it can be defined is the state of one being conscious or aware of one’s own being, existence, thoughts, feelings as well of his surroundings (Consciousness, 2014). It is often found that human beings tend to ignore the fact that consciousness is apparent in their existence. It has been assumed since early times that it is the brain that leads to production of consciousness in an individual. The brain in this case has largely been associated with the mind. While several studies have been conducted trying to determine the relation of consciousness with the brain, direct evidences were hard to find that could imply that brain and consciousness are identical. Rather it could be obtained that the operation of human consciousness can be beyond the brain or the body. Hence the two cannot be said to be identical (Dossey, 2009).
Thus while the brain and the consciousness cannot be considered as identical, there is a relation between the two, which is the main focus of this particular study. The two have been found to be highly related to each other, as obtained by researchers. The activities of the brain do influence and determine the level of consciousness in an individual. And, this is the reason owing to which consciousness and the personality of an individual might be affected when the brain is damaged. The fact is that there are two aspects or views of the researchers in regard to the relation between the brain and consciousness of human beings. One aspect believes that consciousness is a particular activity of the brain, while others contradict such a theory (Psi, n.d.).
While it is the common belief and understanding that consciousness is dependent on the functioning of the brain, philosophers and resea...

... middle of paper ... to go beyond the brain and powers of imagination; however, a strong relation between consciousness and the brain could be obtained from the study.
This relation has been supported by several theories that have been developed over the years by significant number of researchers, though few have been discussed in this study. Researchers could obtain that the electronic signals and activities of the neurons have the power to link past history and events, with human emotions, and current situations towards making them conscious in their acts. Even the dreams that humans experience within their sleep could be obtained as a result of the acts within the brain that get activated during sleep owing to REM sleep that individuals in most cases experience. Hence it can be concluded from the study that consciousness is significantly dependent on the brain and its activities.

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