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What do body modifications signify in people's culture? Some cultures force body modifications as a right of passage into a new stage in a person's life. Body modifications are associated with many things, for example, commitment, social rank, and ways to control people's lives. Waris Dirie, Tepilit Ole Saitoti, and Enid Schildkrout talk about body modifications and what they mean in different cultures. Cultures have different forms of body modifications with their own meaning and background. Men and women must take on specific roles set upon by their culture from the body modifications they endure.

“Body Art as Visual Language” by Enid Schildkrout talks about the different forms of body modifications, and their meanings within different cultures. For example, Schildkrout says “Head shaping may be a sign of high status in one culture and low status in another, but to a total outsider, these practices may appear to be simply mutilation.” In this quote, the author talks about how one body
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She states “Dirty razor blade, and I could see the dried blood on it from the person she had cut before me.” She went on with the process with the pain and unsanitized tools being used on her. Shes also goes onto explain what society believes what happens to women if they go uncircumcised. “They think if you haven’t been circumcised, you're going to sleep around. They cut you so that you won’t be horny.” Female circumcision was seen in her culture as a way to prevent women from having sex with multiple partners. Men basically used it as a way to control the women in their society(177).This is significant because it shows how many young women go through this process. Dirie shows us how a woman's childhood is taken from them at such a young age. Female circumcision restricted women to enjoy a desirable life where they could feel free with there

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