Essay On Body Cameras

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Are Police in the United States out of control? I believe that police brutality is over sensationalized in today 's society. Allegations of police brutality has continued making headlines since the 1990s. Recent deaths have sparked riots and created the Black Lives Matter movement. A lot of the stories portray police officers as harmful beings, but a lot of times the news only tells one side of the story, which usually makes them out to be the villains. If the police were really abusing their power, wouldn’t there be more deaths? Police have the right to stop and question an individual if they suspect that individual or circumstance seems suspicious. Police are criticized everyday for the judgement they make. When something happens, police…show more content…
I believe that police should not be required to wear a body camera while on patrol. Some believe that police should be required to wear a camera while questioning a suspect. “Proponents argue that body cameras will provide accurate and contemporaneous records of events, thereby both enhancing the transparency and accountability of the police by protecting members of the public and improving the ability of the police to gather evidence and prosecute suspects.” (Tsin 2). I think that it is a bad idea to wear for police to wear body cameras. These cameras will not save the victim. Video evidence can be interpreted in different ways from the viewer. If police are required to wear body cameras it will look like we do not trust our own police system. The use of body cameras may also prevent witnesses to come forward and help assist with investigations, due to fear of retaliation or fear of exposure. Others, like myself, argue that police should not be required to wear this equipment. “On the other hand, skeptics are concerned that camera footage cannot provide full and accurate details of incidents, that the increasing use of video technology raises privacy concerns, and that the adoption of body cameras fails to address the underlying causes of social problems.” (Tsin 2). Wearing a body camera will not stop the suspect from doing what they intended to do, if anything he or she would act out more in aggression. In most cases, body cameras show that it was the suspect that is the one who is unwilling to comply with the officers commands. Body cameras are seen an invasion of privacy. “The use of video technology has also raised concerns about privacy of both citizens and police officers.” (Tsin 4). The camera captures footage from everyday civilian and police behavior that should not necessarily be recorded. Bystanders and all defendants are recorded without their
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