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Impacts of Biotechnology to the Human Race In the world today, the biotechnological innovations specifically in human cloning have consistently raised many concerns and I believe it has the greatest potential impact on the human race People have held debates on the impacts of cloning with different political, social, environmental and economic perspectives. Cloning involves application of genetic engineering, where exact genetic duplicates are produced from a cell or a living organism (Banerjee, 2005). According to scientists, cloning has the potential ability to shape the human life and eliminating common diseases that affect the human race. Additionally, biotechnology enables the increase in food production, as well as, food quality (Stanley, 2000). After production of cloned sheep in 1997 in Scotland, legislators in the United States enacted laws aimed at regulating cloning in human beings and animals. These legislators argued that, human cloning violates human rights to reproduce, and this illustrates the political concerns that surround biotechnology (Stanley, 2000). Despite t...

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