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Sen. Al Franken (Dem. Minnesota) By Max Wexler Biography: Al Franken grew up in the middle class neighborhood of St. Louis Park, Minnesota where he inhabited a small two bedroom home with his mom, dad, and brother. From the very start Al’s parents worked to make sure that he and his brother received the best education possible. Thanks to their determination Franken ended up attending harvard. It was there that he met his wife Frannie. After graduating, he teamed up with his friend Tom Davis to become a comedy writer. The duo was lucky enough to join the original writing staff of Saturday Night Live. He also wrote several films. In the 90’s he began authoring books that commented on a number of important political issues. Franken first got into talk radio in 2004. His show was a great success despite the fact that he promoted progressive values in a conservative dominated medium. Al has traveled the globe with the USO entertaining american troops. In 2007 he announced that he would e running for senate as a member of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor party. Franken eventually won with a slight majority. On Agriculture: In Minnesota one in five jobs are somehow involve agriculture. Senator Franken has made it a top priority to make sure he knows what exactly farmers require from the federal government. In Washington, he has worked hard to make sure that our agriculture policies give farmers, livestock producers, and rural businesses the tools they need to function as efficiently as they possibly can. He has introduced and voted on many pieces of legislation aimed at making life for American farmers easier. Sen. Franken has been honored with the National Farmers Union’s Golden Triangle Award which rec... ... middle of paper ... The campaign also received $939,159 in PAC money. Franken has also received support from celebrities like Actor Jon Hamm and comedian Conan O'brien. My Opinion: I think Franken is an incredibly smart, dedicated, and socially responsible senator (especially compared to some of his colleagues). It is very apparent that he genuinely cares about both his state and his country. He does not fight for certain pieces of legislation to be passed because they support his own self interest, instead, he fight for legislation he knows will help our nation prosper. I don’t necessarily agree with all his views I do think he is doing a fantastic job. I also think that their should be more congressmen like him. At times the sheer amount of senators who only look out for themselves is a little bit depressing. hopefully, Al Franken will continue to be a noteable exception.

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