Essay On Binge Drinking

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For the past two decades, the rate of binge drinking on college campuses has not been improving despite efforts. According the U.S Surgeon General, undergraduate students who are binge drinking is one of the most significant public health issues currently. Undergraduate students have the stigma of working hard during the week, and once the weekend comes they participate in risky drinking behaviors and activities. Even if they come to college with little drinking experience, they can quickly pick up on the habit due to peer pressure or simply the environment. It is important for binge drinking to be address because once you can identify the problem before it becomes too out of hand, it can save students successes at college and even their health.…show more content…
The one that plays the biggest role is social norms. Over 40% of students report binge drinking at least once every two weeks. This shows that drinking is a very common activity among almost half of college students. Being surrounded by friends and peers who often engage in excessive binge drinking, you’re more likely to view it as an activity that is viewed as normal, making you more likely to want to do it. This idea can also be associated with peer pressure. Growing up in a family where binge drinking is acceptable amongst your parents, siblings, etc. you will also be more accepting and more likely to drink like your family members. Another determinant that has an impact on binge drinking is behavior. Binge drinking is a behavior that may impact the decisions you make to participate in other behaviors such as, using other drugs, engaging in risky sexual behavior, and skipping class. These behaviors can have a negative impact on both your physical and psychological health. There are also cultural determinants that may play a role in binge drinking. Many different cultures have specific holidays or events that are celebrated by the United States that are known to be days where people will excessively drink. Some examples of this can be St. Patrick’s Day, Oktoberfest, etc. This shows how culture, even if it is not your own, can play a role in binge drinking. There are around 6 million college students in the United States that are exposed to binge drinking on their campuses. Only about 40% of them admit to binge drinking which is about 3,600,000 students that are harming their bodies during their developmental years. The human brain isn’t fully developed until their mid-twenties so drinking alcohol before it is fully developed can impact their memory, vision, speech etc. For years, colleges and universities have been making efforts and doing
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