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It is estimated that four out of every five students in college drink alcohol and of those four drinkers, two are binge drinkers. Binge drinking is a form of alcohol abuse, which is when drinking leads to problems, but it is not a physical addiction. Binge drinking is the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time. For example, if a man consumes over 5 drinks and a woman consumes 4 under a two-hour span, they are taking part in this high risk drinking behavior (“College Drinking,” 2014). Those numbers indicate that binge drinking is serious problem for many college students and some do not realize the danger they are putting themselves in. There are many risk factors of binge drinking, and injury is one of the most common outcomes of this behavior. In recent news, on December 7, 2013, a sophomore at the University of Minnesota, Alyssa Lommel was found unconscious on her neighbors porch in subzero temperatures where she had been lying for nine hours. Once help arrived to the scene, firefighters reported she was as stiff as a board, and officers said that her hands were three times the size of a normal hand and that her skin was splitting in some areas. She had severe hypothermia. Police reported she had been out drinking with friends and was dropped off around midnight; however, her friends did not wait to see if she made it inside. Lommel’s friends stated that she had been playing drinking games with tequila, and later an officer found a tweet from Alyssa’s account saying, “Yum Yum 10th shot of tequila”. Lommel was rushed to the hospital where she suffered injuries from severe hypothermia and was at risk of infection as well as losing her hands and feet. In the end, doctors were unable to... ... middle of paper ... ...t by drinking non-alcoholic drinks will reduce the chance of you getting drunk quickly. Simple things such as going out with a friend who does not drink or has low limits can help as well as having a full stomach before going out are simple and attainable tasks to help prevent this behavior (“Underage and College,” 2014) Overall, binge drinking is a high risk activity that is extremely common on college campuses, and with binge drinking there are many potential unwanted consequences, one those being injury. Alyssa Lommel is prime example for college binge drinkers to warn them of all the potential outcomes that could happen all from one night of “fun”. There will always be college students that choose to participate in underage drinking, however, there are many ways to control it and drink responsibly to keep everyone out of risk from the horrible consequences

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