Essay On Binge Drinking

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College is one of the most important parts of a young adults life. Moving out of home, and enjoying the new found freedoms of living alone is a right of passage into adulthood in today’s society. One of the biggest complications we see with this transition into freedom is the gross abuse of alcohol and college students inability to to use alcohol in moderation. The article Another Look at Heavy Episodic Drinking and Alcohol Use Disorders among College and Noncollege Youth shows some staggering statistics about the use of alcohol on college campuses and how the programs these colleges have implemented are measuring up compared to the continued drinking problems on college campuses. Drinking in general has always been a prominent part of the college scene that Americans have come to know, but when is it time we actually draw the line and say that enough is enough especially when the student’s well being comes into play? There is no definitive answer, but in order to secure the well being of the entire student body, eliminating or reducing gross alcohol abuse and binge drinking will do nothing but help college campuses and students. The study primarily takes a look into what it calls “heavy episodic drinking” (477), what we call binge drinking in layman's terms. Many campuses have begun participating in prevention campaigns ever since the U.S. Surgeon General established a 50% reduction in college binge drinking (Wechsler & Nelson 287). College campuses have also engaged in intervention programs that can only be described as short term and temporary solutions to a bigger problem. The problem of binge drinking on college campuses is no longer an isolated issue. It requires the attention and help of the community at large but the eng... ... middle of paper ... ... prevention campaign that teaches students about the alcohol content of drinks and the students BAC. Alongside educating students colleges with severe drinking problems need to implement a fully engaged intervention and counseling program that makes access to support easy, confidential, and on going. Unlike counseling that is available on campuses today, this new counseling needs to be ongoing and very engaged so that the support is continued rather than just a one time conversation. Although these two programs are not going to stop binge drinking completely it is going to educate people so that they know how to keep themselves safe, teach them what to do in case they do drink to much, and let them know that there is support in case they find they do have a problem. Together these programs can educate the student body and help keep college binge drinking minimal.
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