Essay On Benefits Of Honey

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Various Benefits of Honey on your Body If you think honey is only good as sweet additives to your meal and snacks, you are in for a surprise. Honey is a popular food and is easy to consume. It is actually giving you a lot of health benefits along the way. Frequently adding this to your meal well make your body healthier. It is used by various cultures in the past 2,500 years, proving its abilities. They used it on their food as well as an ingredient in their traditional medicines. Today, it is applied on bread as a jam. It is also consumed directly, put in lime juice or cinnamon. It is a very versatile and useful since it can be mixed to numerous desserts and delicacies. However, not all honey have the same quality. Commercial honey has lesser nutrients because of the several processing steps involved. The raw honey…show more content…
Improve digestion Try to add honey to your meal if you have constipation, stomach cramps and aids in digestion. It has high calories though so try to regulate the consumption. A tablespoon of honey contains approximately 63 calories. Add honey to tea and lemon so you can get rid of your digestive problems effectively. Honey is definitely a healthy addition to your meal.
2. Heal wounds Honey has antibacterial properties that keep bacteria from tampering with the wound’s healing process. It can be applied externally and helps keep the wound dry. Preventing moisture will drive away bacteria and promotes faster healing. Honey has antifungal properties too so it is definitely good for an open wound. It heals the wound naturally without using any harmful chemical substances.
3. Boost immune system Honey can also boost your immune system. The flower’s nectars have phytochemicals and polyphenols. Some types of honey can regulate the making of immune cells. Consuming honey is definitely a great way to improve your body’s shield from certain harmful diseases. Add it to your snacks and bread but keep everything at a moderate level.
4. Natural
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