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Day Care Center Benefits Approximately 60 percent of U.S. children aged five and younger have spent time in a child care setting (Wohlgenant, et al). This number is increasing and the need for child care continues to be more and more demanding. The big question is whether daycare centers, home care faculties, or the stay-at-home moms are the best choice for children? Overall daycare centers are more beneficial to children 's social, emotional, and educational development because of the centers ' tighter guidelines. About 57 percent of children are in some type of child care based in a daycare center, while 23 percent were cared for at home by a relative of some sort, and 12 percent are in home care facilities (Davidson 671). Over half of children…show more content…
The majority of infections in daycare centers are respiratory infections (Fairchok et al.,). This infection is very common and usually self treatable. It would not be weird for a child to catch one. Every child is going to bring home their own viruses and bacteria to spread and share with the family no matter if they are at a daycare center or not. Parents mindset is their children are getting sick from daycare but really they can get sick anywhere they go. Instead of parents trying to keep children out of daycare centers to prevent sickness, they should be focusing on finding the safest place for their child to attend. If a child is at daycare and starts possessing any symptoms of illness, that child may be excused from any activities and isolated from other children. Also the parents must be contacted right away about the illness (Revisor of Statues 23). Daycare centers are showing the right way to protect children from other children 's illness. The children 's toys and the daycare will be cleaned and disinfected to try to stop the spread of the illness if possible. When children are sick before coming to the daycare center, they should not come that day until twenty-four hours after the symptoms have cleared. Daycares centers follow the right policies by keeping the children at home, otherwise their kids would come to the centers and infect other

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