Essay On Being A Police Officer

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Having some type of police encounter can be little intimidating being a young black African-American woman living in the United States. Especially after hearing in the media and or witnessing police officers abuse their authority rather than serving and protecting civilians. Growing up I always wanted to be a police officer or be involved with law-enforcement. As I got older I realized that there are bad apples everywhere including in the law enforcement world. As much as I would like to think otherwise. We are all consistently reminded. Once you are stopped by a police officer your life is literally in that person's hand. They have the ability to give you a summons, arrest you ,let you go with a warning, and even in some cases harm you, it's all up to the police officer's discretion. Back when I was in high school I recall me leaving class to go to a friends high school in sheepshead bay section in Brooklyn that was involved in an altercation with the group of individuals. Her name was Jess. When I arrived at Jess's high school the physical altercation was over. I happen to see Jess's brother who did not attend the school I placed my backpack in the trunk of his car. He was a lot older than all of us. More then likely Jess asked told him to come to the school just in case they were men trying to get involved. As I see police officers approaching the individual that Jess was in the physical altercation with I stood good distance away. Shortly after I started noticing more and more police officers were approaching the area and now questioning Jess. She was taken away in handcuffs and officers even approached her brother's car he was then taking away in handcuffs. As I watched this happening from a far I realize my backp... ... middle of paper ... ...ding the victim who was shot in the leg stated that he wasn't shot by Pedro. One thing that lead me to wonder if this was personal and or could it have went another route? As the story unfold it was a mention that allegedly one of the detectives tried to pressure her into dating him for years. As she refused the detective would harass and even find a reasons to arrest her son Pedro. If i were the person of authority in all three scenarios I would make sure the alleged perp has evidence to prove the person of a crime or a valid reason to make an arrest. How would I be able to go based off another person. How would I be able to tell if that person is telling the truth. You can't, therefore I would have to go off facts and evidences. I wouldn't want to put the wrong person behind bars meanwhile the real perpetrator is free and putting lives of the civilians at stake.
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