Essay On Behavioral Therapy

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This project aims to critically evaluate one therapeutic intervention in psychology, named, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and how it can help clients improve their current issues. Pioneered in 1960 by Dr. Aaron Beck, Cognitive Behavioral treatment is a psychotherapeutic treatment that’s is commonly used in order to help clients understand the thoughts and feelings that influence their behaviors. It’s also used to treat other disorders including depression, anxiety and addiction. A difference between CBT and other types of therapies is that CBT is commonly centered on the present, time limited and problem solving oriented. In order to achieve the desired goal clients learn very specific skills that will be useful along their lives, these skills involve beliefs modification, identification of thoughts and behavior modification. The theory behind CBT is that the way people perceive situations will influence how people feel emotionally and consequentially will influence their behavior. When clients are under the CBT model they learn how to identify triggers and thoughts in order to assess how realistic the thoughts are. When people think more realistic, they tend to feel better and improve their behavior. Also its is very important to emphasize techniques related to problem solving since this will allow clients to change or improve the behavior. Some of the techniques may be environmental, supportive, biological, interpersonal or experiential. A developmental framework is also utilized in order to understand how life events and other negative or positive experiences influenced beliefs, assumptions and coping strategies. Goals of CBT therapy include helping clients to achieve a remission of their problem/disorder and to preven... ... middle of paper ... ...sting people, her treatment plan for addiction has been extremely effective. I think part of the treatment plan I helped to design as been very successful therefore I don’t think a change is needed. Currently Jane is under a treatment plan that was designed collaborative between psychiatrist and the clinical and behavioral staff from the Phoenix House. The main goal behind her clinical and behavioral treatment is for Jane to build coping skills and to improve her problem solving abilities in order for her to become successful in life. Jane has started her treatment plan by working with a counselor in order to develop a personal treatment care plan that will help her to address her substance abuse problem and the issues that she is facing. Staff is also providing Jane with educational and counseling sessions in regards to all element ion of completion and recovery.
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